"Why do some agents close 50+ deals per year while I struggle to close 5?"
I get asked this question a lot and it's NOT...
Having a better website
Knocking on more doors
Calling more expired listings
Doing more open houses
Going to more networking events
Sending more postcards

In this video I'll show you the mind-set that took me from $0 to $1.5M/year in sales and how you can too.

Danny I just signed two contracts worth over $80k in additional income in 6 weeks by using the EXACT TECHNIQUES WORD FOR WORD that you taught us!

- Richard Cruz
My business challenges became very clear after coaching with Danny. I lacked clearly defined standards and my sales conversion wasn't strong. I'm now going in the right direction and I'm well on my way to building my legacy and business.

- Shawnequa Badger
When I started this program I had a lot of prospects but no sales... by the end of the 8 weeks I had my highest earning month ever… a 6 Figure Month!

- Jorge Soto
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